Samskruti Adhyayana Kendra

An extensive research and study on our civilisational experience to influence the existing policy frame work and underlying govenance

The Story behind

To engage the elite in the society, in aid of the body politic, to reframe, reformulate and reorient where necessary, the governance and administration systems in all aspects of the society's life so as to reduce - if not remove completely - the mismatch between the people's expectations and the current delivery mechanisms, based on the cultural and civilisational ethos of this great land of ours. It plans to accomplish this by suitably editing / enhancing the public policy frameworks, underlying the governance setup, based on our civilisational experience.

The Process

At SAK we scout for new intellectual volunteers and domain experts who study , understand and explore the existing policies and its relevance to indic civilisational roots.

Our culture and its relevance in modern times as the fundamental thought process, we prepare draft public policy versions by incorporating nuances from the research.

Share the policy draft for review and updates as required. Advocate the comprehensive culture- guided policy framework for potential implementation.

The People

Sri Kuppa Ramakrishna
Smt. Hemalatha Guda
Sri Gumpilli Sai Krishna
Sri Shivakota Reddy Pothuluru
Sri Dr. Buddhiraju Sanjeeva Rao
Sri G. Vishwa Vijay
Sri Vyakaranam Venkata Subrahmanyam

Share your research work

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