Samskruti Samvad

Pioneering to create platforms that will promote Bhartiya perspective for the youth of society on culturally relevant thought process and that promotes nationalism

The Story behind

There is growing need in our society to promote a modern culture inspired from our past and the perpetual value system that is still relevant in today’s world. We believe modernisation is not westernisation. Today’s world is fast paced, compressed, attention to span reducing by leaps and bounds, especially in the millennials who are our future. At this pace there is a high risk our future generations will be devoid of understanding a rich culture. Samvad tries to bridge this gap through a number of unique platforms amongst the future generation talent in the society. Youngsters are also exposed to numerous personality development opportunities through Samvad platforms that help to achieve their overall career development goals to be shaped as future society leaders

The Process

Samvad is conducted through different platforms that continuously aim to generate a deeper perspective to core areas of national and cultural interest

  • A short talk in the form of a town hall meeting by an eminent personality who is a subject matter expert on a topic of relevance. This is followed by an interaction between the audience and the expert

  • One-on-one interview with an eminent personality on relevant topic, which his later published on the internet.

  • Group discussions and debate programmes mostly amongst college graduates on a given topic of relevance. The participating teams are guided by a subject matter expert towards end of the event to bring a perspective to the chosen topic of discussion

The People

Sri Natraj Gudla
Sri Sudheer Babu
Shree Deshmukh

Lets debate

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